A Few Words About Our Center

Tadika Kreatif is a place where children are exposed to an early stage of schooling. Here they will learn to mingle with other children and also learn to be independent. Besides learning to write, read and count, they are also taught to keep their self-esteem. So you want your kids to have a very useful and fun experience that joins our Kindergarten.

Our center provides the following services

Moral Development

The students are taught the moral values of respects, responsibilities, civility, honesty and diligence.

Physical Development

Physical development is the stage where there is rapid change in size, weight and body proportions, control & refinement in use of body parts. The activities which focus in physical development include child’s diet, exercise and care of body growth.

Cognitive & Creative Development

Besides the academic training, Creative Kids’ Preschool Programme also emphasize in cognitive & creative skill-based training. Among the activities are rice cooking, vegetables preparing, sandwich-making, juice & syrup making, using recycle material, computing and so on.

Socio-Emotional Development

The socio-emotional development is the process of socializing which enables them to learn the rules and values of the society. Through the activities, Creative Kids’ Preschool Programme provides the children basic needs in their daily life such as caring & loving, security, self-confidences and sense of belonging in a society. It also promotes the relationship among children & adults in a kindergarten.

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